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Conscious Connected Breathwork

A conscious contolled breathing technique which allows you to connect to yourself, to the present moment and to release outdated perceptions and emotional blockages.
Breathwork is a powerful tool that activates the parasympathetic system and allows you to connect to the peace within. 

᪣ Did you know that about 90% of the population have restricted breathing patterns ?

᪣ Did you know that about 70% of the toxins are being released through the breathing process?

᪣ Did you know that not breathing well has a direct impact in the way you show up in your daily life?

᪣ Did you know that you had this power in your hand?


What is Breathwork & Why we do it

Breathwork is the conscious manipulation of the breath to exerce a specific outcome on our being. The breath is a direct mirror of how one feels inside in the moment but also a tool to regulate and send back information to the nervous system to influence our response to life.

In a world where everything moves fast, our breath is a magical tool that is always available to us to come back to whenever we feel overwheilmed.

They are multiples breath techniques with multiples benefits, the one I work with is called Conscious Connected Breathwork.

Some of the main benefits :

Physical level : enhances respiratory capacity, boosts the immune system, detoxifies the body, release physical tensions, improve circulation and oxygenation of cells, increases energy levels
Emotional level : processes and integrates supressed emotions, clears traumatic memories stored at the celluar level including transgerational trauma, enhance emotional resilience, regulate the nervous system and activate the parasymphatetic NS
Mental Level : reduces stress and anxiety, improves mental clarity and focus, enhance cognitives functions, increases mindfulness and presence
Spiritual level : Deepens connection with Higher Self and intuition, facilitates spiritual awakening and insights, opens pathways to higher states of consciousness, strengthen sense of purpose and meaning in life

The Breath method

Conscious Connected Breathing is the practice of an interrupted and circular breathing pattern.

It is an active two-part inhale into the lower abdomen and chest followed by a longer & passive exhale all made through the nose.

My work during a breathwork journey is to make sure that the container is a safe space for you to travel and unreavel whatever your breath is showing you.

Each session includes Meditation, Movement, Toning and Breathwork & Sound Healing.

Breathwork is open to all levels, no experience required!

Here are 3 ways to work with me:

1:1 session : in person or via zoom

Ancestral Healing Workshops

Breathwork Packages

I can feel the energy around me every time I do breathwork. With Emilie, I could feel the curious child in her. That energy helped me calm my curious mind. The first time, I fell asleep during a session since I was really present and not just running after the addictive vibrations in my body that I usually get from these sessions. I woke up to an amazing, lasting vibration. It's hard to put words to it. Just give yourself up for everything that the breathwork session and Emilie's energy have to offer to you.

– Kanish

Thank you so much Emilie for the amazing breathwork session with you. It was really powerful. I really went deep to uncover few blockages and heal various issues during the course of the session. It was a great journey during the session and I am grateful to you for holding such a beautiful and safe space for me, and to guide me to work through to heal myself. Thanks again. Lots of love, light and gratitude 🙏 ✨🤍

– Naren

“Emilie's breathwork circles are fantastic. The sessions are a wonderful experience that I do not wanna miss as part of my weekly routine. I feel grounded, centered and in full peace after each gathering. Every session feels holistic in its own and you can completely emerge in the safe space Emilie creates and holds. Most importantly, you can tell that she cares.

– Julie

I really enjoyed the breathwork circles with Emilie! Emilie is great at leading the breathwork journey, taking care of every participant individually, while being in tune with the energy of the whole group as well. The space always felt very safe and welcoming, which allowed me to go deep in my own journeys. Thank you.

– Nico

I really liked how Em was able to guide into the breathwork and create a safe environment for people like me who are barley new to the practice. Plus the prime location and the small circle of people further enrich the overall experience.

– Giorgio

The session was amazing, Emily is wonderful and she guided us during the whole session and even send some exercises for self practice. Thank you very much.

– Dvir

l felt very held in this session, and Emilie's guidance was meaningful and helpful. It was my first encounter with this sort of practice but l am definitely coming back ?

– Mei

My breathwork experience with Emilie since two months is very intense. I find that her classes are a lot prepared and with her sweetness and her heart she makes every sessions different and interesting with a touch of shamanism.

– Luca

Emilie facilitated my first Breathwork session and she held such an incredibly safe, understanding and wholesome space. She was intuitive and attended to each person’s needs individually. I had quite a profound experience and have begun integrating the practice into my daily routine, can’t wait for our next session!

– Grace

Had a very positive experience at the breathwork class. It felt like a very safe space and I felt really held and supported during the session. Thank you.

– Georgia