About me

Hi! I am Emilie

Born in France and now residing in India since 2019, my hobbies include writing, drawing, playing handpan, and exploring different cultures through travel.
I strive to live in alignment with nature, focusing on sustainability and ethics by consuming organic, locally sourced products and supporting ethical brands.
My passion lies in well-being and energy work, drawing inspiration from ancient wisdom practices such as Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Taoism, Shamanism, and Zen. I believe that we each hold a unique piece of the puzzle and that by doing inner work, shedding layers of conditioning and aligning to our true calling we get to be at the right place and right time in the bigger picture of the collective evolution.

My message

A path to sovereignity, redefining wellness

I’m not here to present another wellness tool to you. Instead, I invite you to challenge your expectations and preconceived ideas. Discover that true change is inseparable from its source. If you aspire to personal transformation, it’s a new way of life you’re seeking, not just another product to temporarily fill a void.
By addressing the root of what holds you back, and embracing a lifestyle that meets your unique needs, you simultaneously respond to your deep longing for belonging and authenticity. And when this longing is fulfilled, there’s no need to chase after new wellness methods hoping they’ll rescue you from your lack of connection to your Self.
Connected to your authenticity and your own authority, you are sovereign.

My mission

How to reconnect with your Self 

Nature governs us, not the other way around.
When we live in opposition to its rhythms, we drift away from our own natural cycles, futilely attempting to regulate our lives artificially. Our bodies are part of a larger ecosystem, and ignoring this connection prevents us from achieving true harmony. Embrace fluidity over force, for that is where the remedy we seek lies.
We don’t need another hack or habit to align with our true selves. They only distance us further, feeding the illusion that we know better. The real answers are found in listening to our bodies, where the dormant wisdom of our awakening resides. Turn your gaze to the trees, the ancestors, the earth, the waters, the wind, the rocks—there lies the wisdom and fundamental answers of humanity. We don’t need other tricks or habits to reconnect with our true essence. They only further distance us from our authentic selves, reinforcing the illusion that we alone hold the answers.
Let your body guide you, for that is where the true answers and the dormant wisdom of our awakening lie.


My story & vision for the Collective

I always knew deep down that I wanted to be part of the change and serve the collective. Since I was a teenager I have been feeling this calling living deep within me.

In 2019, I remember seating in my room and feeling devastated when acres of the forest of Amazonia was burning. I felt helpless and realize that my contribution to this world wasn’t pushed to its potential at yet. My soul was craving to share more and I was missing a few pieces.

I was wondering how could I help and be part of the solution on a bigger scale and have a positive impact on people’s life by raising the consciousness of the collective.
This was a turning point in my life that set me on taking action towards my vision.
Helplesness took me to a journey of its opposite, empowerment.

I traveled to India with the intention to gather some practical tools in order to share my “wake up” message to the world with the hope to bring the shift I expected in people’s consciousness.

Interestingly, the solutions to the collective evolution happened to be found on a personal level.

And life directed me to healing tools such as Breathwork, Sound healing, Chi Nei Tsang, Human Design.. and so much more.

Systems like Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and Human Design are not strict formulas to follow for thriving. Instead, they are frameworks that guide us back to what we inherently know deep within. They help us reconnect with our inner awareness, activate our cellular memory, and remember the codes we were designed to live by.

Ask the ancient ones, the wise ones who understand the essence of a peaceful existence. They will tell you that the answer lies in “less is more,” in the principle of wu wei (non-doing), and in merging with nature as an art of living.
This approach contrasts sharply with our current, busy systems.

If you truly want to get to the root, consider trying something new—or rather, something ancient that has always been here. Return to these timeless practices without any more detours, knowing this time where you’re headed and where you come from.

I am here to help you engage in right relationship with tools and practices that bring clarity and sovereignty back into your life.
By working with these methods, they support us into clearing, reharmonizing, and enhancing our vital energy and consciousness, allowing us to remember and live according to our true design.


Qualified as Facilitator in Human Design by Jenna Zoe

Certified as a practitioner in Chi Nei Tsang by Hendrick van der Merwe

Certified Breathwork facilitator by Micheal O Meara

Certified in Sound Healing Therapy by :

The Himalayan Academy of Sound

International Association of Sound Therapy

Maayaa International Healing School