Holistic Living

By Prana Apana 


Your journey to conscious living

In a fast-paced world, reconnecting with our inner selves and the natural rhythms of life is more important than ever.
At Prana Apana, we believe in the transformative power of mindful living.
Our mission is to empower you to embrace a conscious lifestyle that honors your body, mind, and spirit.
Prana Apana symbolizes the harmonious balance between the life force (Prana) and the energy flow (Apana) within us. Through our carefully curated products, practices, and teachings, we guide you on a journey back to your true essence.

Hi, I am Emilie!

I am deeply passionate about guiding others on their journey of self-discovery and empowerment. With a background in breathwork, sound healing, massage therapy, and Human Design coaching, I’m committed to supporting individuals in creating inner alignment and embracing their unique path in life. My intention is to empower you to live a more slow lifestyle adapted to your unique needs.

By blending ancient wisdom with innovative approaches, I offer creative solutions to help you find balance, clarity, and fulfillment in a fast-paced world.
Together, let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery and conscious living, where you can reconnect with your inner wisdom and embrace a more intentional way of being.

Prana Apana symbolizes the harmonious balance between the life force (Prana) and the energy flow (Apana) within us. Through our carefully curated products, practices, and teachings, we guide you on a journey back to your true essence.

My offerings


A conscious contolled breathing technique which allows you to connect to yourself, to the present moment and to release outdated perceptions and emotional blockages.
Breathwork is a powerful tool that activates the parasympathetic system and allows you to connect to the peace within.

Chi Nei Tsang Massage Therapy

An ancestral taoist massage technique working on the abdomen. The main purpose of this massage is to release any emotional blockages stored in those areas while detoxifying the organs from any stagnant energies in order to enable your life force energy to circulate.

Human Design

A comprehensive and applicable roadmap to understand your unique blueprint. Human Design sheds light on the unconscious parts of yourself and wakes up the parts of you which are ready to awaken.
It is a tool that grants you the understanding, the acceptance of who you are and the permission to be truly yourself.

Sound Healing

Uses sound vibrations to relax and recalibrate your endocrine system. It is an gentle yet powerful approach that will penetrate deep into your body, mind, soul. Through entrainement, the resonance of each instrument allows your body to be realigned and attuned to its original frequency.

I had my first Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage in search of becoming more aware of the emotional blocks I am holding in my body. During the massage, I felt held and taken care of to allow my body to surrender and relax into the session. I appreciated the feedback during the session on which emotions are correlated with each organ and sensing the tension being released. The days following brought me insights on the emotional blocks I am currently experiencing and led me to book another massage to deepen my understanding. I would highly recommend booking a session if you are open and curious to deepen your emotional awareness with someone who will careful look after you. And allow yourself time to receive a 2 or 3 session in the following days!

– Tamara Fiels

I really enjoyed the breathwork circles with Emilie! Emilie is great at leading the breathwork journey, taking care of every participant individually, while being in tune with the energy of the whole group as well. The space always felt very safe and welcoming, which allowed me to go deep in my own journeys. Thank you.

– Nico

Working with Emilie felt so natural. She has a beautiful calm, reassuring energy and she very patiently took me through the structure of a 'human design chart'. Answered all my questions, considered my reflections and left me with a far deeper and clearer articulation of many concepts that I didn't have the vocabulary or grammar to understand before our interaction. The 'Human Design' approach gave me clarity on my energy centres and how I can best show up in the world. Thank you Emilie ?✨✨

– Karn

First of all I am a massage practitioner for some 25 years...I had given hundreds of massages over the years and the last 14 years I was specialising in energy healing and a particular protocol that I adapted from my Indian Master...after 1500 sessions of this protocol and that's simply to say I know what it means to do energy healing, not to mention, even more importantly, I have received hundreds of massages and healing sessions myself... honestly I was surprised and humbly impressed with this young ladie's ability to hold the space, I can't remember at anytime having someone so efficient, such centeredness, carring and compassion... I had three sessions and each one was deeper and more profound. Thank you Emilie for your caring hands and heart.

– Raju Bouchard

I received a session of Chi Nei Tsang from Emilie and I can highly recommend her as a dedicated practitioner that combines a precise technique with a deep compassionate and caring presence. I felt a wonderful release from inner tension and experienced a sense of calm and peace for days after the session.

– Hendrick Van Der Merwe

A pamphlet flying in the wind landed on my table in a cafe in Goa. And there is as Emilie talking about her special massage, that healed emotions. I am a believer, I believe in people hence without a second thought I requested for an appointment. Certain emotions had been plaguing me, most of all the loss of my mother during the Pandemic. I won’t say her touch feels magical As she pushes and prods one’s body lying still on the mat in front of her. But yes the results are. Within 24 hours , I was feeling light and pain from my emotions was no where in my mental or physical being. Thank you Emilie. Keep going.

– Amrit

Thank you so much Emilie for the amazing breathwork session with you. It was really powerful. I really went deep to uncover few blockages and heal various issues during the course of the session. It was a great journey during the session and I am grateful to you for holding such a beautiful and safe space for me, and to guide me to work through to heal myself. Thanks again. Lots of love, light and gratitude 🙏 ✨🤍

– Naren

The work Emily did with me was very profound, showing me very clearly what and how I was holding and she helped me release so much. In the days after there was so much more inner space for joy and bliss where I had not experienced before. And there has been a shift in my being. Her space and energy are both amazing, I felt so safe and able to drop into the process. If I was local I'd be having regular sessions with Emily.

– Ali Thompson

Em’s reading was the first HD reading that I received, so she was dealing with a complete beginner. I didn’t know anything about HD but now I got a very good first entry to it. Em really took time for me and explained to me the important parts of my chart (we chose beforehand where to focus on) in a very precise way. Additionally, she answered all my questions in a very patient way. I can clearly recommend.

– Cyrille