attune to recalibrate

Sound healing

Sound Healing Journey

Uses sound vibrations to relax and recalibrate your endocrine system. It is an gentle yet powerful approach that will penetrate deep into your body, mind, soul. The resonance of which instrument allows yours to be realigned and attuned to its original frequency.

“Sound can penetrate any substance, move molecules, and rearrange realities. When you create harmonics of sound, it reminds your body of something, it reminds your body of light, of deep cosmic love, and of other worlds (and other lifetimes).” -The Pleidians.

Is a modality that uses different vibrations and frequencies to restore balance and harmony within oneself.

The human body is made up to 70% of water which makes it a highly conductor for vibrations to travel through it.
Being made by vibrations, the Universe and its objects emit their own frequencies affecting in return the vibration of their surroundings.

This goes the same way for human life. Each vibrations we emit and receive can have a positive or negative impact on us.

Often in our society we are exposed to relentless sounds, polluting our ability to clear and quiet our minds.

The constant stimuli of our environment on our life create states of stress disorders, draining our capacity for concentration, and our ability to embrace well-being.

If we do not have the tools to protect ourselves or reverse the impact from this harmful environment, these daily vibrations can cause our vibratory frequency to get disregulated up to the disfunction of our inner organs and neurons.

Sound healing assist us in restructuring, regenerating and rewiring our cells and DNA.

This mechanism is done by emitting a specific high frequency which align your nervous system with these coherent resonances.

The sounds and vibrations emitted from the Tibetan bowls for example, are deeply relaxing, allowing the body to slow down and reorganize itself.

On the other hand, a Sound Healing journey helps to tap into the dreams states generated by the theta and delta waves of our brain.

These are spaces where we can access the subconscious mind and encourage new belief systems.

While we are in these states of rest, the whole system is still active and receptive and has a better ability to receive and absorb those coherent frequencies.

Finally, the Tuning Forks are used to harmonize the frequencies within our body with really precise frequencies which can be applied on and aounrd the body.

Health Benefits

Mental, emotional & physical well-being
Lower stress levels
Improved memory and concentration
Improved sleep
Improved crativity


Individual Session

30 minutes : 30€ per person
1 hour : 60€ per person

Group Session 

30 minutes : 10€ per person
1 hour : 20€ per person

The Chi Nei Tsang treatment I received was deep & profound. Emilie was in tuned to my body & to me. She knew what it needed at that very moment. When the session was complete, I felt that there was more space for the organs to breath & function to their full capacity.

– Frannie Santo

First of all I am a massage practitioner for some 25 years...I had given hundreds of massages over the years and the last 14 years I was specialising in energy healing and a particular protocol that I adapted from my Indian Master...after 1500 sessions of this protocol and that's simply to say I know what it means to do energy healing, not to mention, even more importantly, I have received hundreds of massages and healing sessions myself... honestly I was surprised and humbly impressed with this young ladie's ability to hold the space, I can't remember at anytime having someone so efficient, such centeredness, carring and compassion... I had three sessions and each one was deeper and more profound. Thank you Emilie for your caring hands and heart.

– Raju Bouchard

I received a session of Chi Nei Tsang from Emilie and I can highly recommend her as a dedicated practitioner that combines a precise technique with a deep compassionate and caring presence. I felt a wonderful release from inner tension and experienced a sense of calm and peace for days after the session.

– Hendrick Van Der Merwe

“A pamphlet flying in the wind landed on my table in a cafe in Goa. And there is as Emilie talking about her special massage, that healed emotions. I am a believer, I believe in people hence without a second thought I requested for an appointment. Certain emotions had been plaguing me, most of all the loss of my mother during the Pandemic. I won’t say her touch feels magical As she pushes and prods one’s body lying still on the mat in front of her. But yes the results are. Within 24 hours , I was feeling light and pain from my emotions was no where in my mental or physical being. Thank you Emilie. Keep going.”

– Amrit