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Human Design

Personalised Human Design Reading

Human Design shines light upon the uncsonious parts of ourselves and support us into reclaimimg our sovereignty through a better understanding and acceptance of the energy we carry and sustainable ways to tend to it.

What is Human Design ?

Human Design is a complex system which combine Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I-Ching, the Hindu Chakra system, Quantum Mechanics and the Kabbalah Tree of Life.


How it works ?

Human Design provides a chart which gives you a tangible map of who you are and what you are to offer to this world.

According to your chart you will get to know your energy type, how to use the energy you carry within you and how to take decisions based on your authority.

Human Design highlights your gifts and their shadows. Your centers of power from which you can rely on and the conditioning that shaped you in the past and that can still be a source of external influence in your current life.
Overall, this reading allows you to bring awareness to yourself and your mechanisms so you can start to better understand and accept yourself.

When one know themselves, no one can tell them what they should do and how they should behave. That’s when true sovereignty can be experienced. One has enough clarity to make decision for themselves knowing what works for them and what doesn’t.

What you’ll get from a reading ?

A detailed story and explanation of the unique colours that make up your Soul shine.

A deeper acceptance of your self and your identity by understanding & honouring your natural way of functioning in the world. 

A clear understanding on how the position of planets affect and shape your vision, your message and your medicine.

You will learn about the unique impact you have on the world and how the world affects you back too & in which surroundings you thrive the most.

᪣ What is yours to carry and be responsible for and what is not not in your hands.

You will be advised on your optimal energy levels & how to honour your own rhythms to avoid burnout.

You will learn how to listen to your body in order to make decisions that feels right to you and your people. 
& how to recognise when you’re out of alignement and so you can course correct your actions.

Practical steps to live a life filled with genuine ease, flow, alignment, fulfillment and success.

A new perspective that will provide you new scenarios and a story that you choose for your self.

Working with Emilie felt so natural. She has a beautiful calm, reassuring energy and she very patiently took me through the structure of a 'human design chart'. Answered all my questions, considered my reflections and left me with a far deeper and clearer articulation of many concepts that I didn't have the vocabulary or grammar to understand before our interaction. The 'Human Design' approach gave me clarity on my energy centres and how I can best show up in the world. Thank you

– Karn

Em’s reading was the first HD reading that I received, so she was dealing with a complete beginner. I didn’t know anything about HD but now I got a very good first entry to it. Em really took time for me and explained to me the important parts of my chart (we chose beforehand where to focus on) in a very precise way. Additionally, she answered all my questions in a very patient way. I can clearly recommend.

– Cyrille