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Chi Nei Tsang

Abdominal Massage Therapy

An ancestral taoist massage technique working on the abdomen. The main purpose of this massage is to release any emotional blockages stored in those areas while detoxifying the organs from any stagnant energies in order to enable your life force energy to circulate.

“I listen to my stomach and force myself to meditate on its groans.
I imagine I can see the walls of my stomach rubbing against each other, muscles straining, and each contraction brings up a forgotten image from my childhood : mother, father, beach, happy. Father gone. Scared. Alone. Adolescence, love, lies, conceit, and deceit are all rolled into one.
Whom do I pray to for forgiveness when I no longer believe in anything?”

Excerpt From: Alberto Villoldo. “Grow a New Body”.

Chi Nei Tsang is an excellent tool to clear our body from emotional imprints so they do not not dictate our body’s response to situations and events. As we clear the internal dissonance of the body, the body shifts its vibration and stops to be a match response to low vibration realities.
This is the starting point of shifting your reality from a really concrete approach; your body.

Have you heard about trauma stored in the cells of your body?

Would you like to clear away what is blocking your energy to naturally flow ?

‘Chi Nei Tsang’ translates to “internal organs chi transformation”.

Deriving from Taoism, the aim of this ancient technique is to focus on the abdominal region of the body which is considered as our second brain in Chinese medicine.

In this area of the body, we store a lot of unprocessed responses to past events waiting to be addressed.

These may be suppressed emotions or charges of traumas that haven’t been yet addressed and released from the body.
The accumulation of those unprocessed emotions creates disharmony and unbalance in the emotional body which then lead to blockages that can be felt as knots within the organs.

On the long term, these knots preven our life force energy to flow freely.

This stagnancy of our vital energy holds us back from acting from responding from an aligned inner environment which then results in repeating unconscious patterns in our daily life.

The ideal approach for us to break this negative cycles would be to develop our capacity to relate to our emotions in a healthy way instead of running away from their intensity and suppressing them.

Chi Nei Tsang would then be part of a preventive routine rather than emergency tool to fix ourselves.

How does it works ?

Chi Nei Tsang gives you the opportunity to FEEL in a safe way what you might have avoided in the past.

During a session you will lay down and start to pay attention to parts of your body that hold pain.
This therapy is gentle yet powerful.
It involves working with the breath, vocal healing tones and pressure points massage applied on the abdomen and allows us to go directly to the center of tension where these ‘negative’ emotions are stored.

What to expect :

Detoxification and cleansing of internal organs
 Improvement of digestion and circulation aids in clearing the body of toxins
᪣ Increasing of immunity responds
Releasing of physical and emotional stagnant energies as tension, pain and anxiety stored in the body
Awakening to your emotions and a new way to deal with them.
Stimulate the internal organs to work more efficiently

For who is it :

Anyone who is curious and want to come with an open mind.
᪣ Anyone looking for overall health support and improvement.
᪣ Anyone looking for a tangible and safe way to release any emotional baggage.

This therapy is for you if you are struggling with unresolved emotions or looking a preventive way to maintain your well being.

Important Contraindication ᪣

Not suitable for anyone having abdominal surgery in the past year.
Not suitable for anyone having a peacemaker.
Not suitable for anyone having an IUD birth control.
Not practiced during pregnancy or menstruations.


120 min | 120 €

I had my first Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage in search of becoming more aware of the emotional blocks I am holding in my body. During the massage, I felt held and taken care of to allow my body to surrender and relax into the session. I appreciated the feedback during the session on which emotions are correlated with each organ and sensing the tension being released. The days following brought me insights on the emotional blocks I am currently experiencing and led me to book another massage to deepen my understanding. I would highly recommend booking a session if you are open and curious to deepen your emotional awareness with someone who will careful look after you. And allow yourself time to receive a 2 or 3 session in the following days!

– Tamara Fiels

The work Emily did with me was very profound, showing me very clearly what and how I was holding and she helped me release so much. In the days after there was so much more inner space for joy and bliss where I had not experienced before. And there has been a shift in my being. Her space and energy are both amazing, I felt so safe and able to drop into the process. If I was local I'd be having regular sessions with Emily.

– Ali Thompson

The Chi Nei Tsang treatment I received was deep & profound. Emilie was in tuned to my body & to me. She knew what it needed at that very moment. When the session was complete, I felt that there was more space for the organs to breath & function to their full capacity.

– Frannie Santo

First of all I am a massage practitioner for some 25 years...I had given hundreds of massages over the years and the last 14 years I was specialising in energy healing and a particular protocol that I adapted from my Indian Master...after 1500 sessions of this protocol and that's simply to say I know what it means to do energy healing, not to mention, even more importantly, I have received hundreds of massages and healing sessions myself... honestly I was surprised and humbly impressed with this young ladie's ability to hold the space, I can't remember at anytime having someone so efficient, such centeredness, carring and compassion... I had three sessions and each one was deeper and more profound. Thank you Emilie for your caring hands and heart.

– Raju Bouchard

I received a session of Chi Nei Tsang from Emilie and I can highly recommend her as a dedicated practitioner that combines a precise technique with a deep compassionate and caring presence. I felt a wonderful release from inner tension and experienced a sense of calm and peace for days after the session.

– Hendrick Van Der Merwe

Emilie's sensitivity combined with her thorough dedication make her an outstanding therapist. I received one Chi Nei Tsang treatment with Emilie and I loved it. The session felt very profound and in the days after the treatment I could feel a substantial change and improvement in my body and organs. Powerful. I will do it again soon!

– Nico

I received Chi Nei Tsang - Abdominal Massage from Emilie. Leading up to our session her communications were clear and informative. During the session, I felt held in a beautiful supportive container allowing me to fully receive the massage and completely relax. It was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend this healing experience to anyone wanting to feel more connected to themselves. Thank you so much Emilie.

– Nea